Another visitor as of late was OSCar. The only problems with OSCar were damaged tracks of pots which I had to replace from same size but different mounting version of OMEG pot. These conductive plastic pots don’t last very well. They wear through pretty easily. 9 out of 28 were already worn through the tracks causing the erratic behavior. Other then this, it was just completely dead NiCd battery which partly leaked but lucky enough the leakage was contained withing the plastic wrapper and didn’t cause any havoc with the PCB.

There was a bit of a problem when loading software using SysEx. The file available on the web labeled as factory patches was corrupted and wouldn’t finish upload.

Luckily there is this version also available which is fine. I have uploaded it here as well to make sure it won’t get lost.


I noticed the original SysEx file was signed as SSL Oxford. I’m not sure exactly what the story was but OSCar and SSL consoles are somehow related it appears. Possibly same company or acquisition, I don’t know?

Working SysEx



Badly worn track of OSCars pot